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Is The Universe Conscious?

Is the universe conscious? It seems impossible until you do the maths Michael Brooks – New Scientist The question of how the brain gives rise to subjective experience is the hardest of all. Mathematicians think they can help, but their first attempts have thrown up some eye-popping conclusions THEY call … Continue reading

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Panpsychism is the view that mind or soul (Greek: ψυχή) is a universal feature of all things, and the primordial feature from which all others are derived and this is a common theme in Zen.  Master Mangong Wolmyeon described it as [2] : “What is referred as ‘mind-only’ in Buddhism— … Continue reading

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Free will is compatible with panpsychism. Below is a look at how this would work in one possible description of a panpsychisc system. In quantum monadology, freewill is preserved since individual monad states are influenced by the states of the various monads around them.  This means that there is choice going on at … Continue reading

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Posted in the International Journal for Philosophy of ReligionFebruary 2019, Volume 85, Issue 1, pp 99–122 [LINK] Drawing on contemporary philosophy of mind, this paper offers a parsimonious and less problematic explanation of cosmological fine-tuning.   Once ridiculed, panpsychism is increasingly being taken seriously in contemporary analytic philosophy of mind. Many hope that it can … Continue reading

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SHORT CASE FOR PANPSYCHISMBelow is a brief overview of how panpsychism is a real contender for the science of consciousness. For those who wish to have a more in-depth view then read the SEP entry (SEP on panpsychism) and the many excellent articles and videos on the panpsychism blog (click here).  BRAINS AND CONSCIOUSNESSThe standard … Continue reading

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