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Tea Story: Korean tea on Youtube

Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea! Representatives of the Hagajae Museum from Korea will demonstrate a traditional tea ceremony, compare the development of tea culture in Korea, China, and Japan, and show how to continue the tradition within one’s own family.

Hagajae Museum began as a collective desire to establish a non-profit art organization in 2013. Expanding the depth and range of the multifarious and inventive programs, Hagajae seeks to be a catalyst for dialogue between regions, art, cultures, academia and individuals. Hagajae believes that art can be a life-changing experience and will continue to actively strive to ignite a fascinating journey in learning about one's own curative power.

Ghim Roy is a representative of Hagajae and volunteer philosopher. He divides his time between caring for patients during the daytime, researching and lecturing the fundamental issues from a diverse spectrum of studies from East-West philosophy to literature at night. He majored in Biomedical Genetic Engineering in Seoul National University, College of Medicine and then studied Oriental Medicine in Kyung Hee University, College of Korean Traditional Medicine. Since then, he has taken a profound interest in the contraposition between Eastern and Western cultures, material and spirituality, historical tradition and future vision. Now he tries to seek healthy answers in humanities by throwing more questions for understanding oneself.