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Stealing means what, exactly?

She's a very good speaker and she makes a good point about interconnectedness. Nevertheless, I still wonder how something can be freely given unless the concept of ownership is clear. Who owns things?

In 1066 some French guy stole the British land. Later in 1485 another French guy, Henry Tudor comes and steals it off his family. His family capture Scotland, Ireland and much more. The point is land is captured and recaptured at gunpoint endlessly. I don't think it is a mute point to ask who owns England or any land?

And as offensive, as it'll be to white American ears with their ideas of white-guilt and repentance of past concieved wrongs but American land was obtained and maintained through violence (endless wars for gain) from time immemorial long before Europeans arrived. I mention this since the question about stolen land in the video is predicated on the concept of ownership but who owns the land and why? And if it really was owned by someone else then who and why and then it should be given back - but who decides these things other than warlords in battle? It's warlords, always warlords despite dreams about primatives living in nature.

And to the given freely part, then what is free? Enter a supermarket or shop and we see isle after isle of dead animals wrapped in plastic and items made of animals. Did the animals give themselves freely? It seems unbelievable that fellow beings gave themselves freely. And if they didn't, then who decided they could be the property of humans? - through violence, of course, always violence!

And what of the habitat destroyed for agriculture, mining, logging, hydroelectric dams, and urbanization? Who freely gives that forest for destruction?

Yes, we are interconnected, but remember what ownership entails - violence! Pierre-Joseph Proudhon said "property is theft" but verily I say unto you "property is violence".