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Introduce yourself

Namaste, sorry to create this forum then not use it for a few months. I thank you for joining. As I told most of you, this is a long term project.

Many of you know me, but my Dharma name (법명; 法名) is Bup Sahn Sunim (Sunim meaning 스님; 比丘; bhikkhu or bhikṣuṇī translated into English by various names all of which seem to be too Christian for me to feel comfortable using them so I just use the title Sunim.)

I came across Buddhism whilst living in South Korea and that's basically why I became engaged with Korean Zen and eventually the Korean Zen Taego Order which is one of the biggest Zen orders in the world.

I live in England. I am the jack of all trades and master of none. One of my trades is food and I did an apprenticeship in catering and often work in that field. In a sense food in my passion which overlaps with my interest in 'mindful-eating,' meditation and non-dualistic health.

That's a bit about me. What about you?