(you know you are talking online when…)

“ah, ad hominem:
clearly you are very dumb,
I’m great, you are scum.

you said this, but you meant that,
I’ve sussed how you chat.

again ad hominem:
clearly you are chatting bull
you’re crammed full yet dull.

avoid the issue:
that’s not the real question,
take my suggestion.

again ad honinem:
you are clearly a fuctard;
a diehard, retard.

from incredulity:
I just cannot believe it,
therefore it’s real shit.

more ad hominem:
X has clearly brainwahed you,
who you taking to?

The Dunning-Kruger:
I am the worldwide expert,
renowned professor.

ow, ad hominum:
stupid jumped up fucking prick,
not fit to suck my…”

By BupSahn Sunim 2016 ©
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